Telesales and Lead Generation

Telesales meets Lead Generation

Telesales is not like it used to be, no longer are the days of cold calling and the negative associations related to this practice relevant. This is because telesales is no longer about a “Sales Pitch,” rather it is based on the power of good, and relevant conversation.

In the online era, where communication is almost always taking place through digital messages, telesales as a tactic can be highly beneficial for your business. This is because over a call, you are able to speak directly to a potential customer and within a single touch point, suggest and secure a call to action. 

Telesales Processes:

  • Initiate Interest: This is a type of cold calling whereby you source individuals within your specific target market. 

  • Stimulate Interest: Contacting leads and engaging with them to secure an interest in your business offerings.

  • Connect: Nurture a connection with your prospect that can translate into a sale and customer loyalty.

  • Incentivise: Encouraging a specific call to action, from scheduling and appointment to making a sale.
Telesales and Lead Generation

Telesales for Quality Lead Generation

Engage and convert leads into customers

Our telesales professionals specialise in lead generation and will provide your business with trained agents who are able to pre-qualify potential customers.

Our experienced team will then reach out to these potential customers with strategic and personalised messages, in a conversational style, in order to engage the person they are speaking to - building rapport and ultimately, trust in your business. 

What Telesales agents will do for your business:

  • Verification and Engagement: They will verify, engage or re-engage with leads and prospects on your behalf, helping to increase your database as well as your customers.
  • Training: All agents are highly trained to build trust and rapport with customers and leads and will  guide them toward making a purchase and becoming a client.
  • Data Gathering: Information that is received via calls will be collected and this kind of insight can be used to improve your business operations.
  • Business Expertise: Agents will learn about your business in-depth, and develop customer scripts in order to improve the chance of telesales success. 

All of the above is designed at improved relationships with potential customers which in turn, increases your sales and revenue.

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