Lead Re-Engagement Services

Re-engagement Services

A powerful conversion optimisation tool

Re-engagement is an important marketing method for all businesses and sale steams. It is an incredibly effective practice that prioritises time on users who, based on previous interaction and engagement, have been identified as more likely to convert into a client.

Our telesales team will re-engage with potential clients who have shown interest to ensure more conversions and a greater return on investment. 

Often, our re-engagement strategies have been implemented for clients who have large, dormant customer databases of former leads and prospects.

Strategies for re-engaging leads:

  • Study previous conversations before engaging with a lead
  • Remind them of previous interactions and engagements
  • Incentivise them to take action

Re-engagement Services

Benefits of Re-engaging Former Prospects

A direct line to new clients

If your business requires a new stream of qualified sales leads, re-engaging contacts formerly classed as a lead or prospect is often a good place to start.

Many businesses have dormant databases that are unused by marketing teams, yet still contain valid contacts that can be re-engaged using a series of tried and tested strategies that produce great results.

Pipeline combine best-in-class marketing, communication and telesales processes, representing your business' sales arm in order to generate newly qualified, sales-ready leads.

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