Digital Lead Generation

Digital Lead Generation Services

The digital age has changed the way we do business, and digital lead generation has become one of the most effective strategies when it comes to sourcing leads.

Pipeline offers the highest quality digital lead generation services that are designed to initiate consumer interest, collect customer data and turn leads into clients.

How to generate leads through digital marketing:

  • Content marketing to establish your business as a thought leader

  • Social Media Marketing for engagement and communication

  • Lead magnets and lead forms to collect contact details
  • Search Engine Optimization to help prospects find your business

  • Segmented email marketing campaigns to target your lead with the right messaging at the right time

Digital Lead Generation Services

The Importance of Digital Lead Generation

Driving qualified audiences to your website

With ever advancing online technology, the digital era is upon us and it has shifted the way we do business, specifically in regards to sales lead generation and increasing sales revenue. 

As most consumers turn to search engines to find what they are looking for, most of today's digital strategy should be directed to driving qualified traffic to a website and this is why strategic digital lead generation is important.

What digital marketing tactics can be used for successful sales lead generation:
  • Content Marketing: Digital content such as blogs, long-form articles, and e-books are a useful tool for attracting traffic to your website. If you are consistently publishing content that is relevant to your industry and helpful to your target market, you will be successful in converting website visitors into leads. Content not only works for attracting leads, it is also a valuable tool for lead nurturing because quality content that assists your target audience is a great way to turn your business into an industry thought leader and your clients into brand promoters.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media is an effective tool for lead generation as these kinds of platforms are all about engagement. You can collect highly targeted leads on social media by publishing engaging content that will help you find people who are interested in what your business has to offer. You can also make use of paid social media advertising that can be designed to reach your desired target audience with precision, based on their location, interests, activities, behavior, gender, age and more. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, also offer marketers the option to create lead generation campaigns that are specifically designed to capture the information of potential clients - much like a lead magnet.
  • Lead Magnets: A Lead Magnet refers to an incentive that you can offer potential customers in exchange for their contact information. Lead magnets on a website usually offer users a piece of free digital content, such as e-books, whitepapers, or webinars etc. This marketing tactic gives you  the opportunity to build a database of potential customers, and this gives you the opportunity to continue the conversation with possible clients and nurture the relationship, ultimately leading to sales. 
  • Search Engine Optimisation: In order to generate leads and website traffic, you need to make sure that potential clients can actually find your website online. In order to do this, you need to implement SEO tactics to help you rise up the search results ranks. SEO combines both technical skill and content strategy to ensure your website ranks and potential clients actively seeking out your product or service will find you in their search results.
  • Email Marketing: Once you have added potential clients to your database, you need to begin nurturing a relationship with them. Email marketing is the best way to begin this process, for example, when a new prospect gives you their contact details through a lead form or social media, send through an automatic welcome email that is personalised to them. Email marketing is critical to lead nurturing and when done correctly, will turn your leads into loyal customers. 

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