Sales CRM & Proposal Technology

Sales CRM & Proposal Technology

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to a software that businesses use to manage their interactions with potential and current customers. This platform helps businesses streamline processes, build and nurture relationships, increase sales and increase the bottom line.

A CRM software system not only helps your sales team become for efficient, it assists your marketing team and your service department in their efforts and helps them reach their objectives effectively. 

If your marketing efforts are aligned with generating sales, it is important that your business, no matters its size, implements a powerful CRM software system that helps you track not only the performance of your sales team, but also has the ability to accurately measure the effectiveness of your marketing and sales process, win rates, success factors and closing patterns.

This kind of in-depth insight is invaluable for any businesses looking to grow and thrive. 

Sales CRM

CRM for Sales

CRMs perform a variety of tasks and can be used at any stage in the buyers cycle, from building brand awareness and creating marketing campaigns to finding quality leads, managing and nurturing leads,  and offering service and support to clients and your sales team. 

One of the most valuable elements of CRM technology is that the software keeps sales teams up to date, and assists them in document templates, emailers, lead nurturing, calendars and tasks.

Your sales team will gain valuable insight through a CRM platform, as they will be able to discover what techniques work best when converting clients.

A CRM Software system allows you to collect and organise actionable customer data, a must for any business that takes customer satisfaction to the next level. 

What are the benefits of a CRM software system for your business?

  • Improved Data Organisation:  A CRM system allows you to store valuable customer information and any important data regarding their buyer behaviour. Access to customer files is even more convenient than before as all information is stored in a single place, so no matter who it is that is helping the customer in question, be it a sales rep or marketing person, they will have the same actionable data instantly available - making customer satisfaction exemplary and eliminating human error. 
  • Enhanced Communication: A CRM tool makes detailed customer information communicable to whomever might need it. With this in mind, it won’t matter who it is that is currently assisting a lead or client, as they will be working from the same information - making communication smooth and streamlined. 
  • Improved Customer Service: With CRM technology, as soon as a customer or potential customer contacts your business, your sales representatives will be able to retrieve all available activity concerning past purchases, preferences, and anything else that might assist them in closing a deal or finding a solution to an issue.
  • Automation of Tasks: When making a sale, there are hundreds of small tasks your sales team needs to complete before closing a deal. Forms and contracts need to be filled out, reports need to be written and sent out, legal issues need to be addressed - and these manual tasks are exceptionally time consuming, but vital. A CRM system takes the burden of these tasks off the shoulders of your sales team because of its strong automation systems. The result of this being that your representatives can focus more on what they do best as opposed to wasting time on time consuming tasks - making the sales process as smooth and seamless as possible. 
  • Improved Analytics and Data: A CRM system will store and organise information in a single place which results in improved data analysis as a whole. A CRM also has the ability to generate automatic reports which in turn maximises time, and you will also be able to personalise dashboards for quick views which will help you locate the information you need at the click of a button. With the sales analytics provided by the system, you are able to assess your sales goals and sales performance which results in untapped opportunities because with better reporting systems you are able to be more resourceful and make better decisions, which in turn leads to profitability. 

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