About Us

What we do

Delivered through our Sales Enablement and Lead Generation Services, we focus on generating qualified and targeted opportunities, enabling our clients to focus on what matters most; their business growth.

Additional services such as digital lead generation, CRM services, sales training and telesales, contribute to our client’s growth journey.


How we do it

We're firm believers that success is derived from careful and strategic planning as well as process focussed implementation.

Our methodology and way of working is tried, tested and continuously optimised for our clients using this framework:

PEOPLE  –  Creating Our Success
PROCESSES  –  Driving Our Success
CONSISTENCY  –  Underpinning Our Success
DEVELOPMENT  –  Building Our Success
REPUTATION  –  Ensuring Our Success

How We Achieve Our Success

PEOPLE – Creating Our Success
PROCESSES – Driving Our Success
CONSISTENCY – Underpinning Our Success
DEVELOPMENT – Building Our Success
REPUTATION – Ensuring Our Success

Meet The Team

Board of Directors


James Gosling

Executive Director & Shareholder

James brings a wealth of experience and success in running large sales and business development operations. His day-to-day responsibility is to mentor and support the sales operation and introduce strategic opportunities.


Steve Mayne

Non-Executive Director & Shareholder

Steve brings years of experience in management, business consultancy and corporate leadership to Pipeline. He is the Managing Partner of Creative Zone and also responsible as Director to five other startups in UAE.


Mahesh Dalamal

Non-Executive Director & Shareholder

Mahesh comes from a strong global management investment and entrepreneurial background. He has established and managed two successful businesses in the UAE. He brings a wealth of business growth experience and strategic support to Pipeline.